November 29, 2019

The Big Four Job Site Hazards

We are sure you have heard a lot about the importance of safety on construction sites. However, no matter how much it is emphasized, we often see safety measures being put aside. The need to mitigate factors that can affect the health and well-being of everybody on a construction site is as important as ensuring all the work is done in a timely manner.

There is a need to increase awareness about hazards that can affect the lives of the people in this industry.

We are going to discuss the big four job site hazards, as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Learn about the four major safety concerns for construction workers so you can take the necessary action to mitigate or prevent them from happening.

Falls from Elevated Heights

The first major site hazard, as mentioned by OSHA, is falls from elevated heights. Falling from a height is a significant cause of worker fatality. According to the database compiled by the Center for Construction Research and Training, among the 768 deaths in the construction field between 1982 and 2015, 42% involved falls.

Whenever you find yourself working more than six feet above the ground level, you need to make sure you have proper precautions in place so that you do not fall. This can be done by wearing safety harnesses or by installing guardrails.

Being Struck By

A struck-by hazard is a term used by insurance and industrial safety officials for a type of construction site accident. A construction site can be a perilous place with a lot of heavy moving objects. Construction workers need to take measures to make sure that they do not get struck by moving machines or objects.

Always make sure you are wearing an approved hard hat on the site. It can protect your head from falling debris. If you are operating or near heavy machinery, nail guns and other power tools, wear proper protective equipment. Never use anything until and unless it is properly maintained and functions well.

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Being Caught Between or Under

Caught in between fatalities is also not completely uncommon in the construction industry. Several situations on the site can lead to workers being caught between or under. The most common example is of excavation workers working in trenches.

Qualified and competent employees must make sure that the trenches are safe. Also, training workers to recognize the possible issues that can lead to getting caught between or under hazards is critical.


As the name suggests, this is a hazard that applies to everything related to electrical accidents on construction sites. Electrical hazards also account for many deaths in the construction industry.

They can occur due to a variety of situations, from contact with power lines to improper handling of power tools. Workers need to know about underground and overhead power cables while they are on the job to avoid them. There is also the need to ensure the use of proper insulation on the site.

Final Thoughts

While these are the big four hazards mentioned by OSHA, workers on a construction site are exposed to countless dangers, including loud noises and air pollution as well. Employers should hire qualified professionals who hold regular Toolbox Talks, provide workers with personal protective equipment and conduct a thorough inspection of all machines and tools.

Understanding all the possible hazards and taking measures to prevent them can help save lives in this dangerous line of work.

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